The company F.lli SOLFA S.p.A. has been operating since 1964 in the field of natural stone (marble, granite, travertine, onyx and other stones) and conglomerate marble-cement, achieving great success on the domestic as well as the foreign market. Together with our partner company EUROGRANIT S.r.l. , we own five production units located in Lugo di Grezzana (Verona) – Italy and in Rivoli Veronese (Verona) – Italy, with a total surface area of more than 106.000 sqm. We are all very aware of the new market trends and customers’ tastes.
We buy the raw material directly from quarries situated all over the world and we work it in our different production units to produce slabs, tiles, skirtings, wall coverings and cut-to-size in different sizes and finishings.
Mother Nature gives us the raw matherials,
technology makes us powerful,
experience guarantees our succes.

F.LLI SOLFA S.p.A. - 37023 Lugo di Grezzana (VR) - Italy - Via Domenico da Lugo, 50
Tel +39 045 8801155 - Tel. Uff. Estero +39 045 8819042 - Fax +39 045 8801662 - Fax Estero +39 045 8819154
Cap. Soc. € 520.000 i.v. – R.E.A. VR n. 207036 - p.iva / CF/ Reg. Imp. di VR/ IDN IT 0193802 023 5
Email: info@solfagroup.com - commerciale@solfagroup.com